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Alzheimer's Videos
Feelings Still

Feelings of Those Who Live with the Disease

Those with Alzheimer's share their feelings about what it's like to live with the disease.

Coping Still

Coping with the Disease

Those with Alzheimer's talk about how they cope with the disease in their daily lives.

Mother Still

Emotions of the Caregiver:
Daughter and Mother

A daughter describes the range of emotions she experiences in caring for her mother.

Son Still

Emotions of the Caregiver:
Son and Mother

A son talks about the ups and downs he goes through in caring for his mother.

Expert Still

Emotions for the Caregiver: One Expert's Thoughts

An expert offers guidance and understanding for the caregiver dealing with Alzheimer's.

Simplifying Still

Simplifying Tasks For the Person with Alzheimer's

A short primer for caregivers on how to break down the daily tasks of those with Alzheimer's.

Activities Still

Activities for the Person
with Alzheimer's

Examples of some simple activities that can help fill the day of a person with Alzheimer's.

Communication Still

Communication with AD

Tactics and strategies for successfully communicating with somebody who has Alzheimer's.

Driving Still

Driving: Recognizing Trouble Ahead

An analysis of what makes people with Alzheimer's unsafe drivers.

Driving Still

Driving: Dealing with an Emotional Issue

A profile of one driver that offers an understanding of why others with Alzheimer's have so much difficulty giving up the keys.

Jordans Still

JordansDownward Spiral

A story told over a seven year period that follows the devotion of a husband who deals with his wife's worsening Alzheimer's.

Jordans Still

Jordans—Nursing Home Discussion

A father sits together with his children at the kitchen table to discuss the difficult decision to finally place his wife and their mom in a nursing home.

Jordans Still

Alzheimer's and African Americans

How Alzheimer's affects African-Americans.

Jordans Still

Alzheimer's and African Americans - Support and Education

Ways of coping for the Alzheimer's caregiver.

Jordans Still

A Child's Eye View of Alzheimer's—It's OK to Be Afraid

The complicated emotions of a child facing a loved one with Alzheimer's.

Jordans Still

Forgetful Not Forgotten I
Early Onset Alzheimer's: A Son's Love for His Father

A son faces the challenge of his father's early onset Alzheimer's.

Jordans Still

Forgetful Not Forgotten II
Early Onset Alzheimer's: Dad Leaves Home

The painful decision to place dad in a nursing home.

Jordans Still

Learning to Speak Alzheimer's - More Than Words

A simplified approach to the care for Alzheimer's.

Jordans Still

Learning to Speak Alzheimer's - A More Positive Path

An organizational method for dealing with Alzheimer's.



Caregiving Videos
Caregiver Web Still

Caught in the Caregiver Web

A story of how two daughters are snared in the caregiver web of trying to care for a mother who fights their help.

Stroke Still

StrokeWhat It Is

A clinical look at what a stroke is and the importance of time in dealing with it.

Stroke Still

Stroke—Dealing With It 1

A couple talks from the heart about the emotional toll that a stroke takes when it strikes.

Stroke Still

Stroke—Dealing With It 2

A husband and wife take us through how a stroke caused them to restructure the way they live their lives.

Falling Primer Still

Falling—Primer for Avoiding It

Tips and examples on ways to prevent a person from falling.

Falling Fear Still

Falling—Facing the Fear

A number of people take us through how they deal with just the very thought of falling.

Infection Control Still

Home Care—Infection Control

A walk-thru on ways to control the possibility of infection in the home.

Lifting Still

Home Care—Lifting

A step- by- step demonstration on lifting and transferring a person who is bedridden.

Directives Still

Planning Ahead—Advance Medical Directives

Detailing the kinds of decisions that need to be faced late in life.

Expert Discussion Still

Understanding Caregiving—One Expert's Thoughts

One of the country's foremost caregiving experts explores the emotional roller coaster often faced by caregivers.