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Family Caregivers... What They're Saying About

Catherine"My mom was diagnosed with dementia and heart disease, but is still enjoying a full life with dignity in my home. The video stories on this site are an invaluable source of education and support for family caregivers. I can watch these on my own time, and the resource guides accompanying them are invaluable to share with others in the family... "
- Catherine in CA caring for her mother with dementia

Teresa"I liked the step by step approach of the videos. And having real people is very good for other family caregivers to see... "
- Teresa in AL caring for her father after a stroke

Sara and Mother"New family caregivers should all view this. It would also be good for social workers in the hospitals to view it so that they can better prepare people for what lies ahead ..."

- Sara in CT caring for her mother after a stroke

"Having real people made the difference. You can read all you want and it doesn't compare to real people talking. My favorite is the one of the mother and daughter and the emotional roller coaster because that is my story. I understand her saying her life is not her own. I related to the anger. The one about the husband and wife team broke my heart. It is sad. He is a wonderful man..."
- Terri in CT caring for her mother with dementia.

Ann in Illinois"I could relate to all of it. The videos reinforced that I am normal. The video of the man that had to put his wife in the nursing home validated my feelings when I had to do the same thing. You feel like you are giving up, but you are really not because it is what you have to do for both of you... "
- Ann in IL caring for her parents

Kristene and her Husband"It was particularly helpful to hear from the people actually living with Alzheimer's disease. And the one with the two daughters talking was very real. I just went through that with my family...."
- Kristene in OH caring for husband after a stroke



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