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Quick Facts about:
A Visual Education Center for Family Caregivers

  • What is it? is a first-of-its-kind, video-based Web site that includes all-original, documentary video material showing real people facing real challenges in real life scenarios.

  • Who created this site?

    This visual education center for family caregivers is presented online by Chicago-based Terra Nova Films. Terra Nova has the expertise to present this resource, with 27 years of storytelling about later life, aging and healthcare through documentary-style films. Terra Nova is the only company in the U.S. focusing on these issues with video.

  • Who is the intended audience?

    The Web site is a FREE resource to the estimated 50 million in-home caregivers in the U.S.

  • What is on the site?

    The site features exclusive documentary-style videos, created by a team of award-winning film producers, which follow real life people as real life stories and issues unfold. The videos are the primary messenger on the site, but informative tips and educational text also is offered.

  • Why is a resource such as this Web site necessary?

    In households throughout the country --and the world -- family members, friends, even neighbors -- provide some form of unpaid continuing care in the home. The mission of this site is to provide these caregivers tools to better understand and deal with their situation, and let them know that they are neither isolated nor alone in their struggle.

  • What makes this site unique among caregiving Web sites?

    The video-based site uses films and related essays to examine real life scenarios to connect caregivers. This never-seen footage is a lifeline for everyday caregivers, presented by Terra Nova Films, which for 27 years has created and distributed videos to train doctors, nurses and professional caregivers. The advisory council for this project includes representatives from the major caregiving associations in the country.